Yamaha/Steinberg ASIO driver not working

Running Cubase AI Elements 10
Steinberg UR242
Widows 10 pro

Been pulling my hair out over the past few weeks, wondering, despite searching all the forums for an answer, why all of a sudden, I couldn’t record audio. All the settings were right, but the program just wouldn’t have it; I’d even gone as far as deleting, downloading and re-installing the Yamaha/Steinberg ASIO driver, but still nothing. Then, in desperation and willing to try anything to stop the pain, I opened up the ‘studio settings’ went to the ASIO menu list, that included drivers from a previous interface and no longer used, and among them I have a driver called ASIO4ALL v2. Voila! If you’re suffering the same pain, then you’ve got nothing to loose by trying it. Just make sure, while un-installing the official driver and installing the other, that your interface is disabled by disconnecting or removal from your machine.


Was Yamaha/Steinberg USB ASIO Driver available in the Studio Setup > VST Audio System? What happened, when you selected it?