Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver/ Control Panel

I use the Coax SPDIF input from my MR816 csx on every project.

Is there any way to have that setting as my default in the control panel?

I am tired of switching the input and then having to tell Cubase to see the digital input… Why isn’t that a preset item… if you own both the MR816 and Cubase 5?

Cubase 5 see’s the analog inputs (of the MR816) but can’t see the digital input’s? That makes no sense to me.

Thanks for your help.

I am using the S/PDIF Coax IN on my MR816 and it defaults to it when I reboot.

What is yours defaulting to?

MR 816 is having a “problem” to remember settings after reboot.
Mine also “forgot” ALL the profiles.
Looks like this is is linked to using with Cubase (part of the high acclaimed Cubase integration :stuck_out_tongue:).


Of course, you have properly defined all of your inputs and outputs in your VST connections menu and saved these settings in a template which you use to start a new project, right? Just checking.