Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver dropout

During a month or so I have encountered a problem with the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver. I use a MR816x Soundcard.

From time to time the FW Driver drop out in the midle of a Cubase session. There is no way (in my experience) to get it up again, except for rebooting.

It have also happened that I get a message saying “The Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver failed to initialize” as the first event when I have booted my PC. Then there is no need to start Cubase to try to get the driver up - the only solution is to reboot.

I used the driver from TOOLS for MR 1.7.4 · 64-Bit up till yesterday, when I installed the driver from TOOLS for MR 1.7.6 · 64 Bit. After install I rebooted, and everything worked fine for an hour or so. Then I turned the system off and went to sleep. Today I booted my PC again, only to get the “failed to initialize” message. As for now, I have rebooted 6 times without getting the driver up and running.

The Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver Installation Guide only has this to say (page 19):

Error message: Failed to initialize.
Cause: Initialization of Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver has failed.
Solution: Restart the computer.

So, does anybody know how to approach this problem…?

Take a look at this knowledge base article:


This has helped me with the same problem.

Using the legacy IEEE 1394 driver cured this for me. (If it does for you then don’t upgrade your OS to Win 8.1 because you can’t use the legacy driver in that OS as MS haven’t signed it.)


Well, that was somewhat interesting. Only that most of the tweaks they refer to are inaccessible when the driver does not load.

The problems addressed here are mostly related to “problems with the MR816 during operation”. I have no problems with the MR816 during operation - I have a problem getting it to operate at all: When the driver does not load at boot, the Yama Steinberg FW Driver dialog is “dead”. All the parameters are disabled, and Cubase does not find the MR816 at all.

What could have been an issue, is the driver for the IEEE 1394 Bus-Hostcontroller, which the article points out should be updated to the latest version. I checked it, but Windows said I already have the latest driver.

After I checked that, I rebooted again - and then the FW Driver was “magically” loaded, and the MR816 is working again - for now…

But I would really like to find out what exactly causes this problem…

All right. Maybe I’m a little ignorant, but what/where is the “legacy IEEE 1394 driver”…?

IEEE Driver…

This is from the KB article Svengali cited earlier in the thread…

a. In Windows 7/8 open up the Device Manager.
b. Expand the “IEEE 1394 Bus-Hostcontroller” entry and right-click on your “Hostcontroller” entry. The name will vary from system to system. Select “Update driver software…”.
c. Select “Browse my computer for driver software” and select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”. Make sure to check the box “Show compatible hardware”.
d. Select “1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy)” and click “Next”. Now the driver will be updated.
e. Check if the MR816 now works properly.

OK. Tanx! I will try it out… :smiley:

Good luck!! BTW, this worked for me with my Lynx FW converter…

Yamaha Steinberg has become unpredictable on my Mac system ever since ML.

Latest updates or not, something seems to have went bad deep in someone’s code somewhere, probably so deep, I’m moving on. It’s always going to pop up somewhere, there will always be something. I don’t like the fact that it will fail to initialize one day, and work fine the next. If you’re broken, be broken every day. Consistent broken is better than random broken.