Yamaha Steinberg UR44C - Is Output Stereo Middle "Moving" by up to ~4 dB "normal"?

Hello Steinberg,
I recently bought a UR44C Audio Interface from you and after setting it up and using it for a day i noticed, that when i listen to it with a fairly low volume, my audio center/stereo middle is moving a bit to the right. Feels like 5°-10° degrees right of the center.

Then i tested, that when i route a mono signal via the main outputs into my Ultra-Curve Pro and check the meters, that depending on the volume i have a difference on the two channels from ~1 dB at very high volumes up to ~4 dB at low volumes.

Thereby when i listen to videos at night they appear to be off-center.

Is this normal? The rest of the interface seems quite high quality so i suppose that is not a cheap volume potentiometer?

Since i listen with low volume quite often this isn’t really ok with me, but i wonder if other interfaces have similar problems?

you wont get a response from steinberg here,- they dont like to support customers on their forum. You need to open a ticket to get help.

Hmm, do you think others might help me and check if their UR-XX-C device outputs a more centered mono/stereo signal via the main outs at low volumes/knob positions? If i where to look at the knob like a clock, i’m talking about the ca. 8 to 9 o’clock position for example.

Just to put it out there.
I ended up sending the unit back to the seller and got a replacement unit.
That unit did not have any noticible off-center-ness. And when i measured it it was within 0.5 dB as i hoped it would have been with the first unit. So i assume that one was slipping through quality control.
So if you got the same problem. Get a replacement as well.
Thanks for your help.