Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 1.9.2 for UR12 and UR22 (Win)

Steinberg has released the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver version 1.9.2 for Windows.

The update for the UR12 can be found here.
The update for the UR22 can be found here.

In my home studio I´, using UR22 on my laptop (Windows 8.1). Every other week I go out, and take my laptop with me.
I wonder if I can have both UR22 installed as well as UR12, as I´m thinking about getting an UR12 when I´m out of my studio. I only do VSTíng, so I have no need to buy another UR22, as UR12 would suit me fine and it´s cheaper.

Can it be done, or will there be a driver conflict?


there seems to be no possibility to do a silent installation, is this correct? Parameter “/s” in cmd does not work for me.

Yes, the switches /S /v /qn don’t work. Anyone got this driver to silent install?