Yamaha Steinberg USB driver not found/working | UR824 Interface

Somehow I cannot choose the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver in my Studio panel in Cubase. It says: Device could not be opened.
Besides, I also cannot use my DSP FX rack, also says: No device found.
Already tried multiple things: uninstall, reinstall, update, change USB-cable, change USB-port etc.

Though audio from Youtube passes through my Interface (Steinberg UR824), and the preamps seem to work also, according to the LED indicators.

It happend suddenly the other day when I wanted to start working in Cubase.

Audio Interface: Steinberg UR824
Win 10, 64bit
Cubase Pro 9.5

Thanks for any kind of help!
Best wishes


I would try to reinstall the driver (the latest update) as administrator.