Yamaha Steinberg USB driver not found/working | UR824 Interface

Somehow I cannot choose the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver in my Studio panel in Cubase. It says: Device could not be opened.
Besides, I also cannot use my DSP FX rack, also says: No device found.
Already tried multiple things: uninstall, reinstall, update, change USB-cable, change USB-port etc.

Though audio from Youtube passes through my Interface (Steinberg UR824), and the preamps seem to work also, according to the LED indicators.

It happend suddenly the other day when I wanted to start working in Cubase.

Audio Interface: Steinberg UR824
Win 10, 64bit
Cubase Pro 9.5

Thanks for any kind of help!
Best wishes


I would try to reinstall the driver (the latest update) as administrator.

Hi, Chris,
Is your problem solved ? Because I have just the same problem …
Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you in Mac or Windows, please?

Windows 10, Cubase 8.5.
I’ve also tried on a laptop with Windows 11. Same problem…


Make sure, you have the latest driver installed, please. Install it as administrator.

Then restart your computer. Immediately after the computer restart start Cubase and try it out, please.

Thanks for your answer,
Should I plug in the UR824 before installation or afterwards ?


Try to plug it in after.

I have reïnstalled the USB driver, then plugged in the UR824.
Then start Cubase. (At startup Cubase mentions : “Steinberg UR824 Initializing”)
But when I want to switch the ASIO Driver to the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO, Cubase says : Device could not be opened.
But the strange thing of all, is when I play an mp3-track or I go to Youtube, I have music through the UR824…
When I close Cubase and go to the Control Panel of the UR824, the “Device :” remains blanc. Also the dspMixFx UR824 mentions “Device not found”


Did you restart the computer, please?

This is an indicator, something is won’t with the driver. Could you try different USB cable, USB Port…?

I restarted my computer. Also tried another USB-port and another USB cable…

At startup Cubase mentions : “Steinberg UR824 Extension", not “Steinberg UR824 Initializing”
It was a bit too fast to read it properly…

When I look at the device manager, under “Controls for audio, video and games” (I don’t know the right title, because my Windows is in Dutch), I got 2 Steinberg UR824 icons, with one with a small yellow triangle.
When I click on this icon (on settings), I got on the first tab : Device does not start (Code 10)
This I/O-device is not properly configurated or the configuration data for the program are not correct.


Sorry, I’m not Windows expert. Please ask Google what does this error mean.

I have to look for hardware-code ’ FailReasonString ’
If the hardware key does not contain a value ’ FailReasonString ', the message Code10 is displayed.
But I do not know where to look …

Do you know where the UR824-files are installed ? Or should be installed ?
Windows 10, 64 bits

After reïnstalling Windows and trying to connect the UR824 to other computers/laptop with Win10 and 11, I just had to reset the UR824. The leds are blinking twice, and the UR824 works again !