Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Volume

Is there a way too increase the USB Line Volume/Gain both input and output? I’m using the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 1.10.1 for Windows with the Yamaha AG03 and the Windows volume controls are at 100 both for recording (input) and speakers (output) and I’m talking about the AG03 device that shows up in the Windows sound controls. It seems that the developers for the audio driver decreases the volume to avoid noise but one can decrease that themselves in the Windows Sound properties for the device.

I would to have more headroom for the audio line levels in the USB line interface doing so would prevent me from feeding so much audio in the mixer making the peaking lights engage just to get the right amount of audio though the USB line.

Coming from a Behringer q502 which is much louder that you operate it at 80/85 percent in the Windows sound panel; you have high headroom there. The Behringer uses the default Windows USB Audio driver which shows as “USB Audio Codec” and I think that the Behringer has such a strong input and output signals on USB - which I like - more than the Yamaha AG03 but I do thank that the Yamaha is getting a good signal and sending a good signal through USB, I just believe the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver is “tuned” lower in audio. Does anyone agree with this or have any comment on it?

The driver probably has nothing to do with it. If drivers changed the level of digital audio we’d be in a world of pain.