Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver

I purchased a Yamaha Mixer model MG12XU and mics to record my choir. CUBase LE AI came with the package and I installed it on my ACER laptop which has Windows Vista Home Premium. I installed the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V186_Win32 as the release notes say it "now supports Yamaha …MG… series (USB-equipped model). It appeared to load OK. I can access the driver control panel via Windows Device Manager.
Then I connected the MG-XU device and PlugnPlay started the hardware device installation process. At the end there was the message “Device driver software was not successfully installed”.
The MG-XU device does not appear In the driver control panel on the ASIO tab. The MG-XU device does appear in the Device Manager list for Sound Controllers, but the driver is shown as default Windows audio and there is a note that it cannot be started. If I try and update the driver and point Windows to the Y-S usb driver, I get a message saying I already have the best driver.
I believe it’s a Yamaha problem, but I’ve posted here in case someone else has had the same problem and, hopefully, fixed it.


I have seen several of these odd issues over the course of my time here as a tech with Vista and I strongly recommend you look into moving away from Windows Vista and switching to Windows 7 or Windows 8. Windows Vista was largely abandoned by the professional audio industry due to the great number of issues users had with it.

Thank you.

Cbcc, I also have an MG12XU… I did not have a problem installing the driver onto a 64 bit Window7 machine.

Just wondering… did you resolve the problem, …
Since we have the same Yamaha mixer, if you want to start a dialogue about how to use this mixer with Cubase, I am willing and able

I find it painfully difficult to record via USB into Cubase Elements 7. For example, I cannot hear a Cubase Elements metronome click unless I select the red 'ST" button in the (11,12:USB In ) channel, BUT if the red ‘st’ button is pushed down during recording, you get a loop back situation …not good and this also embeds the metronome click into the recorded track.

I Also found that I cannot hear playback of previous tracks while recording additional overdub tracks with out selecting ‘st’… how are you supposed to do this without creating the loopback situation?

What issues do you have?


I could finally install USB driver for the MG12XU, and can confirm funky behavior.

USB issue is there. I had difficulty to get it working until I realized one odd workaround.
Mixer has to be switched on only when Windows is fully up and running, otherwise mixer/adapter is not recognized by the system, and what is even more odd, mixer starts behaving funky, e.g. some LEDs indicators stop working properly.
Cbcc, did you experience this behavior?

All in all I start getting strange feeling about this mixer.
Functionality wise (analog part) it is nice piece of equipment for money, but in regards to the recording it is almost useless.
Playback and recording are connected to the stereo bus making it almost not possible to record and listen recording via monitors at the same time as it leads to output → input loop.