Yamaha Steinberg USB drivers won't install ... SOLVED

Hi lads and lasses. I really could use some advice in getting these YSUB (Yamaha Steinberg USB) drivers for a Yamaha 01v96i installed in Win7 64bit. Tried a variety of things, disconnect all USB stuff, rebooting, safemode, firewall and antivirus off, but the installers of 1.9.8 and 1.9.9 hang eachtime. Tried to unpack the setup.exe to install the .dll drivers manually, also no-go. Popup says “The wizard was interrupted … etc” see picture. Thanks …
YSUB install error.jpg

Did you run the installer as admin?

Or try to disable UAC (Never Notify) and run the installer. You can re-enable afterwards.

Just did it via the “hidden” Administrator account, took a while to figure that one out, a normal Adminitrators account had the same problems. PS also had to set permissions in the registry for some numbered (GUI?) key in Local Machine … thanks, F