Yamaha Studio Manager missing?

What happened to studio manager? I can’t find it in CB 13.
In V12 it was under studio/more options/studio manager.
Please tell me you didn’t remove it from cubase without notice!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Yamaha Studio Manager has been removed.

So I had to buy 13 to find that out? How about mentioning that under release notes…


No, you can ask on the public forum (what you did). Or, you can download Cubase 13 Trial and find out by yourself. Or you can check the manual. Or you can raise a support ticker.

I agree, that would be helpful.

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I mis Yamaha Studio Manager on cubase 13 i am working with cubase 12 again until Yamaha Studio Manager comes back?

On Steinberg web site it says:
“Cubase 13 is finally here. If you’d like to take the new version for a test spin, you’ll have to wait a little longer: the free Cubase 13 version will be released soon.”

I knew it was only a matter of time… That was one integration that was so beneficial, store my DM2000 console settings with instant recall per project. I guess I could manually store SM configs in the project directory and manually load but it was so slick how it worked… sad day.

Hate the new GUI too, was reserving judgement until I installed C13, but yes it sucks,

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I do not understand why has been removed. Studio manager only made it easier for users of Yamaha, which incidentally owns Steinberg.


Wish there was some kind of workaround. Was one of the slickest HW/SW integrations ever, just so automatic. Hate to have to do the manual save and load for every project. I realize the DM series is old, but I would think a lot of people are still using them and still benefit from the integration…

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