Yamaha TF1 Streaming Latency


I’m trying to stream audio from a Yamaha TF1 to YouTube. I’ve got this working through OBS using the Steinberg ASIO driver and the OBS ASIO plugin. I haven’t been able to find an alternative that includes native ASIO support, but I’d like to get suggestions as a possible solution to the problem I’m having.

So here’s the issue. I’m recording video through an Avermedia GL310, directly into OBS using their supplied driver. Previously, I had the headphone line on the soundboard going to the line in on our laptop. This was awful, but we could use a very consistent audio delay of 500 ms to sync the audio and video. Rock solid for months of weekly use. Since this caused a host of other problems, I switched to using ASIO through the TF1’s USB out. The quality is way better, and it fixed most of our other issues, but now the delay is between 450 and 1175 ms, seemingly on a per-stream basis, though I’m not sure yet. Two streams an hour apart will need delays that far off to sync to the video, but using the Windows

With the TF1, I can set up channels 33 and 34 to have all the audio I want to record and stream, and use one for streaming. Right now I’ve got OBS recording the audio (which requires recording a video and then separating the audio with FFMPEG, I’m eager to get suggestions for alternatives) using the same channel that I’m using to stream (33).

I’d really like to find a stable and simple way to stream video and audio to YouTube where we don’t have to keep changing the latency settings, but I’m unable to find an alternative to OBS that supports ASIO. Surely there are many people out there streaming their Yamaha TF1’s to YouTube, but I can’t seem to find them. While streaming and recording, the computer is hovering around resource 20% utilization. We have had some stability issues with OBS though, and restarting it typically fixes other issues (but not this, at least not yet!).

Thanks in advance!


Does anyone have any ideas on this? I maxed out the stability settings in the driver with no change in the issue.

Looks like the TF series does not have input delay per channel (their higher end boards do) so I would look to run the mics to a matrix (don’t route to the LR buss), delay the matrix and route the matrix to the main LR buss.

Edit: Looks like you might be able to route right to the FX busses post fader and they have a output delay FX so it could be very simple.

Input post fader (not routed to ST) -> FX 1 “output delay” -> FX 1 RTN -> ST (main) buss