Yamaha THR10 no longer connects to Cubase

I have been recording backing tracks etc using Cubase AI and my Yamaha THR10 guitar amplifier connected via USB. This has been working fine for several months.

Now Cubase has suddenly stopped being able to either record or playback from the amplifier. The amp no longer appears in the audio connections window. I have checked all cable connections and the amp works perfectly on its own. It also plays back audio from windows via usb and connects to its own software just fine. Reinstalling the stienberg usb driver does not help.

I suspect the problem is either with windows or Cubase. Does anyone have any idea of how to solve this? Thinking of simply returning the amp to the store since either it or its bundled software no longer does what it is supposed to do.

Hi and welcome,

Is it the sam here?

Any changes on your system? Cubase update? Driver update? Windows update?