"Yamaha to Unveil New Breakthrough Products at The NAMM Show"

Mmmm… wonder what they hold under their sleeves !!
One thing i noticed that their flagship keyboard workstation “Montage” is not produced anymore, so probably a new montage probably makes its way, also will be nice to see budget DAW controller that fits cubase the best.
and as for Steinberg , probably nothing new to us as they don’t announce products before its ready to distribute.
probably Halion 7 etc…


Ohh nice. Greg Ondo mentioned something happening at NAMN possibly or before that.

Aahahaha, it would be broken within a week with the amount of breaks Steinberg causes with every Midi Remote update so this idea would be a disaster at the moment

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Didn’t realise they weren’t making them anymore. It’s kinda funny that HALion finally gets the FM engine as it’s being discontinued. I guess that’s why it got the green light, as to not distract from hardware sales potentially?

If it is a new workstation then it’ll be interesting what engine they bring on board with it. Also if there will be anything MIDI 2.0 compliant, as it all seems very quiet on that front to me.

The CC221, Steinberg URT interface, and maybe more have been discontinued because they can’t get the parts. I think a the place where Steinberg/Yamaha got the parts burned down or something.

I’m still using my old cmc-tp. I wish they’d update something like that, but I’m not holding my breath.

I might be interested in a new release

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nothing new-breakthrough-products unveiled yet on Namm show from Yamaha ! (a digital piano and a new compact digital mixer ) the headlines were promising though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
maybe i missed something on youtube ?