Yamaha TX81z not sounding

In a number of my song projects, I have a track assigned to the TX81z synth, I particularly like its harp sound. Somtimes I wouldn’t hear anything when its track was playing and I 'd go over and press performance or something and the sound would come on, but since yesterday I can’t understand why I hear nothing, when the day before I did. The track playing shows activity with the blue indication moving up and down. The MOTIU Express 128 shows lighting on its port, 6. The other midi devices play, but I can’t figure out why it isn’t now. I changed to omni mode so a signal on any channel would play but no.

Hi, @Robirdman1

I have a TX802, so maybe I can help. Few questions :

  • What is your Cubase version ? Actually, I ask this to know if you’ve been able to set the TX81z as an external instrument in Cubase.
  • Are you sure of the routing of both MIDI and Audio ?
  • Are you sure that MIDI thru is still enabled in the preferences ?
  • How are behaving your other sound sources (especially eventual other external ones) ?
  • Are you able to hear TX81z sounds without Cubase (eventually with heaphones directly connected to it) ?
  • Could you post a screenshot of the arrange page showing all the tracks related to the TX81z (both MIDI and Audio) ?

Cubase 13. Just the 5 note track mdi is routed to the TX81z, Other midi tracks go to the PK2000 and the Akai Z8 and play. Everything else plays… The Z8 was a little tricky, With a multi loaded, I first hearad nothing, then when I clicked the sample button the sound came on. The PK2 has an audition button. I don’t know how to get the TX81z to play without an input other than the computer. Previously I think I had pgone from performance mode to sing or something but trying that and different performance didn’t work. If I just put haedphones in it while the track plays, no sound. Midi thru is checked in preferences.

Ok, but what I was actually asking is the ‘level’ of it : Pro, Artist, Elements, etc. This, because AFAIK, only the Pro version allows you to set hardware MIDI sound sources as external instruments.

What are you using as MIDI controller/keyboard ?

Not good… But, as it’s a multitimbral unit, maybe there is an internal setting that allows you to collect all the sounds going to its stereo outputs.

On my end, there is no problem getting the sounds I want from the TX802, as soon as I selected the relevent MIDI channel to be used in Cubase. But I have set it as an external instrument.

I still think that there is a routing issue, somewhere… By the way, could you describe more precisely what is connected to the 6th port of the MOTU Express 128 ?

!3 pro. Midi devices are going to Studio Live 3 rackmount. Now I just have a yamaha DGX305 with USB out, no midi connector. It will trigger assigned tracks but not the TX81z’s.

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