yamaha USB driver not picking up PC audio

i have the UR22 working with a Windows 7 PC where just with pluggin the USB cable in, I can listen audio coming out from the PC instantly,
on other location i bought the UR44 on a Windows 10 PC, it doesnt work that way and i have to listen to PC audio through the integrated PC speakers,
at the same time Cubase (Artist 9.5) works properly through the monitors,

any ideas to get around this problem ?
thank you

With no driver installed you may have to select the UR as the output device in the Windows Sound Control Panel.

hello, thank you for your answer, if the UR44 device is not plugged in then it doesn’t show on the Windows Sound Control Panel,
when i see it I chose it as the predetermined output source, but no sound is coming out to the monitors,

i mean if the driver is not installed then i won’t see it listed ?

Why not just install the driver? Perhaps it’s necessary with Windows 10 even though it works without it on Windows 7.

driver was installed but not updated to the last build,
now it works :slight_smile:
thank you