Yamaha Vocaloid 3 editor for Cubase?


Is the Vocaloid 3 editor for Cubase on sale yet…any details, I can’t understand this link.



AFAIK it is only available in Japan…

Looks like you are right Neil.


Can you figur it out, if it’s both in japanese and english?

they are starting to filter through on a well known auction site the last one sold for the incredibly low price of £29 :wink:

I’ll have a look at ebay now!


it’s for sale £71.25

Is it just me? I can’t understand the language there and don’t know what to click to buy a version that will work in English with Cubase 7.


Hi - good link - but I was thinking specifically about the Cubase editor. Do you have a link for that in English?



Hi - I’m sorry, I think I misunderstood.

I already own Avanna integrated into Vocaloid 3. I thought the Cubase editor was some form of ‘bridge’ between Vocaloid and Cubase that allowed easy editing from within Cubase.

Sorry, for the trouble.


no need to apologize I thought the same thing when I first saw the editor I thought it was saying Cubase integrated but as far as I can work out myself it’s doesn’t allow complex editing ,it’s very unclear on what is does do to be honest and im trying to find out a little bit about it myself .
I bought the avanna for backing harmonics and using the tiny editor and then save them as wav. file and importing each sample into my sampler . long winded but until I find the info on weather the full editor is fully integrated with Cubase (as it says on the website) then i’ll stay with the tin editor


Hi - yes, you’re using it in the same way as I am at present. But, I agree, it’s a drag having to create a short section as a WAV file and bring it into Cubase manually each time.

Maybe someone from Yamaha / Steinberg has further info.

How does Avanna sound in terms of reality? Is it convincing enough for some backing vocals and/or short solo add lines? And does it have a polyphony option, or does one have to stack voices one by one?

Its now a couple of weeks since I started using the Vocaloid editor for Cubase (purchased through ebay).
It is really nice and seamlessly integrated within Cubase 7. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Nuendo (the plugin refuses to load).

Anyway, Avanna sounds very nice indeed (for New Age stuff anyways). It is a shame that the product is not officially offered in the US and it doesn’t support Nuendo.

Just my $0.02


Hi Stefanos

How are you getting along with the Vocaloid Editor and Avanna?

Thanks …and thanks to all you had an input.

Does Yamaha/Steinberg have plans to issue the English version of the VST editor for Vocaloid in the near future?