Yamaha YC-3B organ VST

I’ve seen this plugin bundled as part of the Yamaha Motif range but can’t work out how I can get it as a Cubase 7.5 owner. Any suggestions? There’s a download site for the software but it seems to need activation based on a key that comes with the Motif. Of course if it’s not worth owning then say so and I’ll not bother but the SOS review I saw liked it.

It comes with Yamaha MOX as well. An activation code comes with the keyboard. Not sure how else you could use it.
The VST is ok. If you like organs, mostly church sounding ones and an old 60s style sound it has that has presets.
If you don’t want that, it’s pretty much not worth it as far as I can see. But I’ve only used it a few times.