Yay for 3.1.1 update!

Here’s the post to say Yay for all the goodness in the this little update!

Personally, the fix for Tempo arrows and the addition of ‘c4’ clef terminology in the Popover is tremendous for me.

Daniel et al, can I once again say how amazing it is to have a team that is so receptive to users. For us to post here that we’ve found a bug and get a swift “yes, sorry: it’ll be fixed in a month” is just phenomenal. Also, for considering and acting on feature requests.



Yep! The ability to have chords on the first beat of a multibar rest is pretty great too!

I’m with benwiggy on the improvement to the clef popover. But is it greedy to ask for it to produce an F3 clef if you type “f3” into the popover? F3 clefs quite often appear in renaissance choral music, as do C1 clefs, which the popover now handles.

Apologies to the team; they produce all these goodies and we just ask for more.

Keep in mind that this was not a major update. Perhaps this feature will be more fully fleshed out later.

This should work, Michael, but doesn’t due to a little bug. I’ll make sure that gets fixed for the next release (though you’ll now have to wait a while for that).

Thank you, Daniel. I can be patient!

I thought “G1” would make a French violin clef, but gives an ottava treble clef. Is that intentional?

Seemingly, yes: prior to the update G1 and F1 already gave 8va clefs and G2 and F2 gave 15ma. So there is now some inconsistency.

(And let’s not get into the merits of changing to an ottava clef in Dorico… :confused: )

Ahem! Something you may wish to correct:

In the Version History, c2 is identified as a tenor clef. It is actually a mezzo-soprano clef. However, all is not lost: typing c4 correctly gives a tenor clef!

:slight_smile: David