Yes this could be a good thing...

I’ve been working in Logic lately and I really think the track icons are a huge help.
It allows me to locate tracks in large projects much quicker than searching for text or colours.
Anyone find this as well?
I’d love to see some tastefully created Steinberg approved icons make their debut in the next Cubase version.

Aloha J,

I don’t know Logic but very nice idea.

If it makes getting from A to B in the project easier for some people, why not?
As long as anybody who doesn’t want them can turn them off and they will occupy no space if turned off!
Now that’s the real request! :mrgreen:


Nice idea. Not new to Steinberg though, as Sequel does have track icons. Hopefully it could be where you could select your own images as well. :slight_smile:

I thought that for a long time as well. But, after using Reaper a bit and having the capability, I realized I kept turning the icon view off. It just wastes so much screen space. I found that over time I really do prefer colorizing. It’s is easier to spot than icons and, since it’s background, it doesn’t take screen space. I wish Steinberg would improve the custom color management utility in Cubase instead of working on icons.


let’s see what happens in the future. That we give the mixer a new look (no, will not happen during the Cubase 6 life cycle) is not a big secret.



Thanks for a reply Chris.
I’m sure if Steinberg designed a good selection of icons to cover most recording sources they could be quite tasteful and useful as well!
Cheers! :slight_smile:

Mahalo Chris. Nice ‘tell’.
(don’t play poker)


IMHO, the instrument icons make a program seem like a toy.
I’d much rather use the real estate to make the bussing visible on all channels (like we had in vst32 in the 90s)

What’s really great in Logic is that as you resize your tracks the icons resize as well…hardly takes up any extra screen real estate on my monitor. With the common screen size most people are using these days it’s really a big help.

I completely disagree. They re-size in Reaper as well. If it isn’t 0,0 pixels, it is taking up screen space. When they are small, you really can’t tell some of the icons from each other. It is eye candy that really provides very little value. I don’t really care if they add the capability. I just don’t think it does anything but take up screen space.

I don’t need icons. I’ve never had any icons on my tape recorders nor in my mixing consoles :stuck_out_tongue: Why would I need them? If I want icons, I can always start up GarageBand :smiling_imp:

I think for most of us, icons are unnecessary. To pinpoint tracks in a massive project, Steinberg allows you to rename your channels and events, as well as color code them however you wish. However, I don’t see any harm in adding them IF (that’s a big IF) they can be turned off through preferences. If it helps the workflow of those such as JamesK, and then we can turn them off to keep from feeling like we’re on Garageband, I don’t see the big deal. I too would like improved custom color management from Steinberg in the next Cubase. Not in events, but tracks, the mixer, etc. Playing around on the trials I’ve noticed that there has been some improvement from C5 to C6. Still, needs a little work, though.

It is just eye candy really. I agree that, as long as it has an option to turn it off, it would be ok, BUT, there is still one problem. For the inexperienced user, they will probably turn these features on and then wonder why their Celeron processor system crackles with only five Halion Sonic tracks. Of course, it doesn’t hurt me personally, but I can see why things like this could be a headache for Steinberg.
BTW, if it is going to happen, I say don’t stop at icons. I want animation! JK.

Mostly agree with that … BUT … it would bother me if Steinberg developers spend their time of this kind of pointless eye-candy instead of improving the things that realy matters. But it’s Steinberg’s choise and no matter if they choose to concentrate on eye-candy or not, I’m not going to convert to PT.

Sound! You forgot THE SOUND! Why stop on animation, when you can do some neat things, like by clicking the icon your friendly Steinberg Voice Synthesizer announces your track’s routing, inserts, etc, etc.

I want everything to be in 3D.

Now you’re just being ridiculous! :open_mouth: Hehe. I can hear the whiners complaining that they should get 3D glasses with their purchase.

I think what we have is a division of old school and new school thinking here. Its quite natural that the old ways of doing things are sometimes held in high esteem even if the logic to support why they are better does not. :open_mouth: :wink:
Btw in logic I can easily view and identify what each icon is when the tracks are sized almost minimal…no problem. The colouring scheme is also very important as well.
Logic and Sonar X1 are highly professional DAWs and many users enjoy the benifit of the track icons.

Cubase is a “highly professional DAW” too. The difference? Steinberg focuses on excellence in sound quality, while it seems that Apple is more concerned with the eye-candy. I totally agree, track icons would be nice for some users, but in the end, Steinberg will probably not take the time to work on these cute features. :wink: The improvements we should be looking for in C7, are those in the mixer, Variaudio algorithms, improved Windows management, and soforth.