Yet Another BCF2000 Script

Behringer_BCF2000.midiremote (60.9 KB)

I know there are other BCF2000 scripts out there, but for one reason or another I decided to write a new one from scratch. It uses the LC mode, and all the controls are mapped. Everything works, including the led pan rings (which are not at all obvious to implement!).

The mappings are set up for basic mixing/recording without anything to workflow specific, but the shift keys mean the 16 mute/solo buttons can each have two additional user mappings which I’ve not assigned. I’d like to have done more with the LED display, but couldn’t think of any real use for it… Similarly the footswitch and pedal mappings could be more creative.

Instruction file is included… Feedback welcome.

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Thanks for the share. Where is the instruction file that you mentioned?

They’re bundled in the midi remote file. IF you load it up from the midi remote manager it’ll give you the option to view the instructions.

I’ve attached a second copy here:

BCF2000.pdf (68.7 KB)

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Behringer_BCF2000x2.midiremote (338.7 KB)

I got my hands on a SECOND BCF2000! Unfortunately creating two instances of a single script doesn’t work. I think its due to the way midiOutput is handled in the API (there may be a better way?).

So here’s a script to make TWO BCF2000’s operate as single control surface for 16 channels of fader awesomeness…

Set up is a bit more fiddley as you’ll probably need to create the surface manually, and tell. it the names of your midi ports, but once set up it all should be easy.

There are two pages of mappings where the two banks of transport controls are swapped, as I think it’s really going to depend on your physical preferences.

As always mapping could be improved, but feedback is welcome and I’m happy to make changes.