Yet Another Nuage Question...

Hello, I’m looking at a Nuage and have watched some videos. The jog wheel edit capabilities look impressive.

However, all the videos have Nuendo stopped.

What editing functions can be performed with the job wheel during playback? Move? Slide? Trim tail? Trim head? Volume?

Af far as I know -on vacation now- all functions are fully functional in play.
But I doubt very much that this is workable.
The jog wheel functions are applied to the selected event.
So if Nuendo is in Play, and you have auto-select on, you would have to be extremely fast, because every event that passes the cursor is automatically selected.
When auto-select is off, you would have trouble selecting the event that you want to edit anyway.
I can’t see how this workflow can work proprely.


With auto-select, all editing works fine during playback.
Sometimes I use it for quick and dirty dialog cleaning, with Cut head/tail, clip gain and fade to cursor shortcuts, grouped together on the keyboard.

It is very fast, one keystroke/one command ratio.
With jogwheel it is a bit slower, you have to select the function first and then change the value with jog.
You can have the same thing using mouse wheel and change parameters in the Info line.

However with proper transport jog + keycommands, there is no faster editing for me. Of course, not during playback.
I’m a bit old school, coming from the AKAI DD1500, if anyone cares to remember.

Thanks guys. The operation manual says arrow cursor keys operate the same way as the computer keyboard. Looks like arrow keys could select events during playback and the events could be nudged with the jog.

Auto-select turned off, of course.