(Yet) another question for loopback function

Dear all,

I have a hopefull very easy question, but I do not seem to be able to find out whether what I want to achieve is possible at all:

I just bought a UR22C because it had the loopback function that my UR22 (1. edition) did not have.
I have my guitar plugged into the front jack and play in Cubase with the Guitar Rig Insert effect. (Basically a virtual amp/effect simulation).

Now all I want to do is to make a movie with a live cam and the “wet” signal. I tried “just” recording from the Webcam’s mic but this was horrible.
So I thought let’s buy the UR22c because this loopback function is advertised to do just that.

Long story short: I am not able to achieve what I want to do.
It’s not about recording something, putting effects over it and then playing it or exporting it. It’s about “jamming” live, playing around, etc. and recording it. So it means I must be in monitor mode monitor mode when playing, otherwise I won’t hear anything (from my effect/amp). But as soon as I am in monitor mode the UR22C creates a horrible loopback. Which is understandable in so far, that it is feedback the output signal back into the chain and thus creating a stronger and stronger signal which leads to an overload in a split second…

I do not seem to understand how this loopback function is to be used. Even when turn of the monitor mode and just use the loopback to record something the signal is very very silent, like -60db. No matter how much I raise the Gain know on channel 1 where my guitar is plugged int, I cannot get it over -40db. This is not a problem in monitor mode where I have a strong and loud signal.

I googled and read a lot of things about the loopback and there seems to be quite a confusion about this function, also because it is not so very good documented in the manual. For bigger models I’ve read that only channel 1+2 are used for loopback so there it might be a solution to play the guitar on channel 3 and not feed anything into channel 1+2 to avoid feedback if I understood it correctly. But what about my UR22C?

I’m currently considering returning the UR22C, because it seems to so complicated to achieve my pretty simple goal.

Thanks for your help.

The thing is: DAW input is the dry signal that is sent to my DAW, i.e. Cubase. “From DAW Output” is the wet signal after the Guitar Rig effects. It then gets fed into Mix1. But the questions is, why cannot I just feed that signal directly into my video recording software? Why does it need to “go back” into the UR22C via the entry “From DAW output” but in there, it can only go out via Phones or Main Output, but cannot be anymore recorded on the PC.
Activating loopback of course feeds the dry and wet signal back into the DAW Input chain as well. Of course the DAW cannot differentiat between what has already been processed by an effect and what not. All the native recording app can only select “UR22C Linein” as the input. How can I differentiate here?

I think I don’t full understand the concept yet. Anybody willing to support here?

I also got ur22c and didn’t figure out how to get loop back to work

I ended up returning the UR22 and buying a bright red model of a competitor which worked like a charm from the very first day and that I am very satisfied with.

Does that one let you loop back system audio without feeding back audio from daw ?

Yes, this worked very well for recording in Cubase itself or in combination with the ASIOLink Pro in tools like OBS or other streaming solutions.

I was having issues with severe echoing and delay when using the UR22C in Jamulus and other P2P software. It was related to the Loopback feature being inadvertently turned on.
It took a few minutes to find it in the dspMixFx program. It is a small box in the Master fader column. If it’s green, it’s on. toggle to turn off. No issues now.
Hope this helps someone else in the future.