Yo peeps, I'm having trouble importing a .xml file into Dorico Elements 3

Okay, so I have Dorico Elements 3 on my home PC, and Sibelius 7.5 on my school computer, and so in order to transport a score I’m doing at the moment, I’ve got to export into .xml from Dorico, and then import it into Sibelius at school. That all works fine without a hitch, but when I try and go the other way, exporting to .xml from Sib and them trying to import it into Dorico, Dorico has a hissy fit and tells me it can’t load it because it’s an ‘invalid file format’. I can’t go back to Sibelius and re-export it because I can’t get to my school computer until Monday, but I would like to be able to do some work on it at home before then, is there any way I can fix this? (P.S, sorry for the long post, I just couldn’t work out how to condense it down)

I use uncompressed xml file and it works fine for me (especially from Sib to Dorico). Are you sure you’re not using the compressed format?

Dorico can import compressed xml from Sibelius.

Try renaming the files as .mxl not .xml. The compressed files I have from Sibelius (not my own copy) were named .mxl and imported OK.

If that doesn’t work, zip up the file and attach it here, and somebody will be able to check if it really is an .xml file or not.