You currently have no downloads available

I need to download cubase 6.5 but I get the message You currently have no downloads available) when I go into the Shop

So you went to the shop, checked update from Cubase 6, added to cart, went to checkout and paid the asking price, then waited for your email from Asknet with a link to your download and you cant download it?

Not sure if this is what the original poster is referring to but perhaps this anecdote helps:

I purchased v6.5 and downloaded it successfully last month. Last week, my system hard drive crashed. I needed to reinstall everything. I logged back into my Asknet account to re-download the 6.5 installer and also received the “You currently have no downloads available” message.

I had to contact Asknet support in Germany and ask them to re-attach the 6.5 download to my Asknet account. They did so promptly.

So apparently, Asknet does not keep 6.5 files available to the purchaser for very long (3o days perhaps?) after you first purchase/download. In my one experience, it was a simple (if time-consuming) matter to ask for the file to be re-attached to my account. But bear in mind - this is a very different practice than what Steinberg has historically done with all other updates, which have always been available for re-download at any time.


I think you get one download then it disappears?

I just bought the Dark Planet set.

I was able to download it twice.

I remember hearing though that it has problems with download managers.

Thats not the 6.5 update though?

I do believe it’s the same for any asknet download purchase.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Just my experience of stupidly downloading the mac 6.5 update then after wondering why it wouldn’t work, looking for the PC download only to find it wasn’t there! had to email Asknet for the link again which I have to say was handled very efficiently.

It always pays to engage brain when working with computers :laughing:

That’s funny I hope you don’t mind if I use your line :slight_smile:

thanks all I just sent an email to ASKNET it just sucks that I can’t use cubase 6.5 all weekend. I brought 6.5 15 days ago but didn’t get around to installing it. had to finish a couple of projects, work, kids

Yes, this is a pretty unusual practice. Steinberg should instruct Asknet to enable indefinite downloads for authorized purchasers. There’s no compelling business reason for such a strict limit.

(At the very least, a prominent message should appear beforehand letting purchasers know what they’re in for… I was quite surprised to discover I could not immediately re-download. Thankfully, I was not on deadline with a client.)