You don`t need

hi there ,here`s another oldie with the old synth embracer “warm bath” sound,but with a new vocal track from Charlotte and some wicked bass from local lad Pete Laffan.


Very good – Firestamper :smiley:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Very cool sound and good song, like her voice…lends an air of sophistication to an already sophisticated sounding production, like the guitar work, reminiscent of Harrison…well done mate…Kevin

Very good indeed.
It’s true, very Harrison ish :wink:

Really like the tune, I am unsure of mix though. For me personally I believe the bass (great player) is a little too out front in relation to other instruments, also the guitar sound is incredible are u using a stereo widener on it? The volume maybe should come back a little on guitar also if you do bring bass back…

Vocal tuning possibly in a few spots?

Hope you don’t mind I picked these things out but I like it a lot other wise I’d keep my mouth shut lol

Very well done. Your slide playing really sounds great. Kind of has a late 70s adult contemporary vibe about it.

thanks Jack

thanks Kevin nice comments.

cheers Beppe , i didn`t intend to sound like george , i was thinking more of jeff beck when i was doing it , but george is cool with me .

Cheers Kenny no i dont mind ,the room i have is ok for recording but rubbish for mixing ,its acoustically dead and far too small to mix. tell you what though it could be the drums are too quiet maybe .i don`t use the stereo widener so the guitar bits will be doubled or maybe quadrupled.

cheers Joe,thought you were referring to porn films for a minute .