You know you have TOO MANY SAMPLE libraries when...

You know you have TOO MANY SAMPLE libraries when… You accidentally delete SEVERAL libraries and dont know which ones are missing from your collection !

Upgraded from 6 to 12 Terabytes for studio storage and while dragging and dropping somehow hit DELETE :blush:

Grrrr… Back in the old days we had to get a PHYSICAL DVD from the local guitar center… now big fat trout and other vendors allow us to simply download full libraries… which means - no more looking on the shelf to identify titles…

too many libraries - rofl

Man, I was just saying to myself the other day that I need to add samples to my library :frowning: I don’t have several gigs of samples, well ok I do for Superior Drummer and the Battery kits. But for my electronic project I have a bunch of samples in individual folders like:



And now I’m wanting more kicks, snares, cymbals, etc. I have Battery 3 and the Synthetic Drums DVD add-on and I use the kits and everything, but they don’t separate the samples or even name them conventionally all the time. So, so much for trying to add those to my folders. Was looking at sample CD’s and it seems almost everything out there is either loops (which I don’t want) or the same old drum machine sample rips.


You don’t burn a copy of the libraries you download? Tsk tsk! :laughing:

Ya - I had this silly idea in the back of my head of being semi-eco-friendly and portable (IF I ever relocate to a new country I simply take the Hard Drives and dongles in my carry-on and everything else can easily be replaced) :laughing:

Never thought I may one day I would need to restore a few folders and not even know where the missing ones used to be located in order to restore from backup… kinda funny now that I think of it :laughing:

My libraries did not really expand until I started subscribing to the ‘library’ magazines. Each month they review the latest gear, VST’s, etc and you get a few thousand royalty free samples as well ! And also free lite versions of many VSTi’s that you usually buy are packaged there also… such as Symphonic Orchestra with 1000 samples free and you can upgrade to the full 12000 instrument version or just use the mini version forever… its a nice deal

Maybe your local bookstore can help you build that way?
Future Music
Computer Music
Basically - every magazine that shows a keyboard on the cover and includes a DVD :smiley:

Smallest issues have at least 2000 free samples

Why not backup your entire library when you add in content?

^^^ This here. You’ve gotta start backing up your drives. I’ve always used Ghost but now I prefer the free Clonezilla. It’s not as user friendly or quick to get started as Ghost but it handles pretty much all file systems with no hassle, is free, is Linux based, and works when Norton would bail at times.

And I always keep two copies of my hard drive images. One set of copies stays on a drive here at home so I have access in case of emergency, and the other on a portable hard drive at work in case (God forbid) something bad ever happens at home like a fire or burglary. This way my data is still safe. With Ghost the cool thing is you can use Ghost Explorer to open your images and just pull out the data you need.


Fire safes work really well too for security and protection with hard drives sleeved in these anti-static cases

True, but they take up space. My space is at the max with all my gear and most recently home brewing equipment :smiley: And for safety from theft they need to be bolted down. Not a home owner yet.


I used to burn dvds of samples I’d buy as download. One day I found that disk sometimes just don’t want to load and can instantly be useless. Try loading a backup of something thats 5 years old or more. I hope you have better luck than me.The price of 2 TB drives is pretty cheap these days so I back up my 400 g of samples to those.

Also ,another poster mentioned magazines with included discs of samples. There’s a lot to be had but after years of collecting these I’ve found the overall quality to be fair at best and the repitition just too much. I recently threw away 40 disc saved from Future Music , Music Tech ,Computer Music and such. I think just purchasing Kontakt is better than what you’ll get from these

I do own Kontakt through Komplete 5 but never loaded the library since it’s quite large and I almost never use Kontakt. Are their samples all wrapped in the preset or are they accessible as individual samples in a directory? I think they started doing that with some of the Battery kits too if I recall correctly. I most commonly build my own drum kits using individual samples.


Good tips… thanks everyone…

An ‘automated’ backup would be the answer. It was VERY easy to maintain 10 years ago when I could fit the whole thing on 1 hard drive thou…

Ahhh… the hoops we must jump through in order to not get run-over by technology :laughing:

I use off-line backup. It’s only about $120 a year. I’ve had the same problems that Mr Mahogany did with DVD’s. I guess I’ll find out how reliable/effective off-line backup is when my next drive fails

That is one of my dreams… if only a fast ISP actually existed here :laughing:
Im barely able to crack a smile even thou my current ISP is faster than 99% of the country im in now… I guess its time to set up a studio in Korea where they have gigabit internet available to almost everyone

Ever get that message that says “this file (or folder) is too large for the Recycle Bin. Delete permanently?” I’m guessing he clicked Yes too quickly or by accident. Or maybe I’m wrong :slight_smile: and system restore doesn’t restore files, only system settings.


Ya - I was losing my marbles also when I lost the yet to be discovered files :laughing:

I think I was sleepwalking actually… except … I was on the computer…

Is there a term for SLEEP-COMPUTING?

SLEEP-SURFING perhaps? lol

Like having a dream about a hot girl you just met at a party.
Then you hook up with her and get careless… its ok because its just a dream…
you cant wake up…
… just … seemed like a dream… and then youre stuck paying for the next 18 years… :laughing:

Konkakt samples are in wav format. You can build your own kits in Kontakt ans Battery

My strongest advice to you would be stop what you’re doing right now and cancel your plans for today. Go and load the Kontakt library. Listen to what you’ve been missing and revel in the fact that you won’t worry much at all about getting samples in the future.

Mr M is 100% correct. I have first hand experience with this.

I purchased a library … I was thinking it was a ‘regular’ hits and loops library YEARS ago and loaded it up in the studio… but when I saw it REQUIRED KONTAKT to use - I returned it (Big Squid Noises 1x per lifetime return policy)…

I was not wiling to learn a whole new piece of crap just to get a few sounds that I liked… then years later THE SAME THING… A library I purchased was KONTAKT ONLY ! Not being able to return it - I was forced to give it a try…


KONTAKT is incredible !

In the past I took a sample I liked and simply cut the part I wanted out of it… Then used that sound as an instrument, drum or whatever…

But WOW !!

KONTAKT actually allows you to chop a loop into many sections and play each section back as a single note - spanning across your whole keyboard !

No need to cut and use 1 part - you have teh whole riff/loop/wav avail to play back ! IN ANY ORDER YOU CHOOSE !

Change progressions at will -

Well - I will end there - I was a fool to return that first one years ago… There is too much it can do.

NOTE: KONTAKT PLAYER = playing back things others have chopped up and packaged for sale.

KONTACT (full version) = same as above PLUS make your own ‘chops’ from scratch.

Looks similar to this and each ‘slice’ can be played back as a seperate note in realtime performances

Youtube video of the Kontakt Library the Legend George Duke just released - behind the scenes interview with Duke himself about making the library !

Stringed instrument Kontakt library video - VERY NICE (ignore the garbage DAW they use in the video - it is 100% fine in Cubase) :laughing:

ROCK GUITARS !!! They are not left out…

Just note - REAL guitar players can put this down quite a bit - just like I can put down my favorite (mexican food restaurant quality here in Asia) - but if you are a keyboard player and do not have a guitar player in your pocket on call 24hrs a day - ITS GREAT

This shows step by step how to use it and u get a good riff at 7:00 (just skip to 7:00 if you do not have time for teh whole video)

Other vendors make Rock guitar packs… remember - these are not loops - each note must be played individually - you simply get a much better sound than from other sound modules or VSTi’s

My favorite song made with 100% VSTi guitars (the type of dark-metal ROCK music I PREFER) here --> MP3 DEMO CLICK HERE - going to parties with such music and girls wearing knee-high Dr Martens made many think I was suidical thou… as … I didnt really fit into the rest of the mosh pit seeking masses dressed like TYMAK from the movie ‘the last dragon’. Also saved me once on the subway waking up surrounded by skinheads at midnite… in an empty train… I KNEW I was a gonner… then one said “OOH HES COOL - I KNOW THAT GUY” phew… thank god for going to those parties after that ! hahah

Strange for a guy whos dad was a Bay-Area Jazz radio station DJ :laughing:

On the point about guitar samples in Kontakt, as a guitatr player I got a midi guitar pickup 2 years ago and the Gtak pluin that runs under Kontakt. This allows for the triggering of the built in library in sperate midi channel per string mode without loading six instances. Funny thing is ,this works great with tons of instruments but gives new life to guitar libraries also. Most practically this application is killer for bass sounds

Kontakt is truly a world unto its self

Thanks for that! I’d thought at some point they start making their patches in an archived format, a file extension like .NK2 or something, can’t recall. And in that “collective” single file format one no longer had access to the individual wav files. Interesting, I’m going to load up the sound library for Kontakt in a few minutes now. See the thing was I just wanted to be able to use those samples themselves rather than being confined for example to have to use them through Kontakt. So, if there are cool drums samples that I would like to use in the Kontakt library I could take a single kick for example and load it into Battery3, since I use Battery for all my drums. Gonna go try this. Thanks again man!


OK, so I’ve got it all settled now. I was confusing things, for one Battery changed their samples to .cl3 (cell file) instead of .wav. Not a problem since I use Battery3 as my main drum software. I also found where Kontakt puts the actual .wav samples. So now I have access to waaay more samples and am a happy man :slight_smile: Can’t believe I have missed that. Now I just have to see which of these libraries I can use and which I could skip. Like, I can totally use the World library cause I often incorporate ethnic instruments in music for some interesting sounds, but I don’t think I have any use for BigBand type stuff.

Thanks again Mr. M and Savadious!