You rock MIDI guitar with halion sonic

hello ,
has any one on the forum tested out the you rock MIDI guitar , i was going to get one for using with halionsonic . They are under £100 witch is way cheaper than any other MIDI guitar out there . So has any one got one ? what are they like for controlling VSTi’s ?
cheers for your time !!

I have one (YRG1000).
Don’t expect a full blown guitar, because it simply isn’t. But they are great fun and for the money, actually a no brainer.
Especially the tap mode is super cool to translate chord ideas of a guitarist to MIDI.
I do have some trouble with the mute bar of my YRG1000 though. It doesn’t work very well to send note off commands when playing. So don’t expect to much from that.
Of course you can control any VSTI, because it’s simply a MIDI controller.

When you buy it, be sure to mail the manufacturer for the latest YRG software to easily configure it.

Steve I think your research is spot on and well put.
If one wants something to get even close to a traditional guitar you have to pay a whole lot more and still it isn’t a traditional guitar.

The YRG1000 is nice to sketch out some ideas to straight simple note-on, note-off MIDI data. I think the best way to see it is like a simple MIDI keyboard on a fretboard (the tap feature). Playing it like a traditional guitar, let alone expecting the same result is out of the question.

But still, the low price makes it a lot of fun when you hook it up to your VST’s and see it as a completely different thing.
For instance I find it rather fun to lean over on the couch and tap some beats on the fretboard instead of reaching out to my pads or keyboard :sunglasses:

Wow, talk about reincarnation.
I remember way back about 25 years ago, falling in love with the synthaxe. They were unfortunately prohibitively expensive for most musicians, but compare one to these new-fangled midi guitars. The only thing I miss is the unique neck offset on an angle. I’ll continue using my variax with GR-55 though.
BTW, this long predated the Starrlabs Ztar !