You Say Song

Hi all,

Here is my last musical production. I hope you like this song, I put all my heart into it. Do not hesitate to share with your friends and contacts.

Although I do this as a hobby, I am very receptive to comments and criticism. There is always room for improvement.

Good viewing and good listening!

Here is the YouTube link: You Say - YouTube

I like the tune and the vocals but I feel the backing track is somehow lacking in impact. To me it seems that your stereo image is very wide. When I listen to the beginning of the tune where only the synths, piano and drums play the sound stage seem too wide to me. Even the drums sound really wide.

Hi Hko,

Yes you are right. The sound image of the accompaniment is very extensive in the panorama. It was a piece that was originally instrumental with the use of orchestral timbres, string, brass, timpani and Gran Cassa in the intro and verses and I tried to respect the sound image of the orchestra, but text was added after mixing. I had a lot of difficulty integrating the voice and the back vocals into the piece and giving it its rightful place. The instruments that I have tried to center as much as possible are the Kick, the bass and the lead voice. All the other instruments have been scattered around the panorama in order to create space.

It was difficult for the new mix, but I’m still not disappointed with the result. But I appreciate your comment and that’s something I’ll have to consider for other production.

Thank you!

You’ve created a really well structured piece of music, with lots of variety. Actually quite ambitious, but it works well. Nicely done. HKO makes some good points, and since I struggle with sound stage questions, it’s good to read his comments and your reply.

This is very nice, really good vocal, production very well mixed and balanced except, as others pointed out, the width of the instrumentation is a bit too wide. That doesn’t spoil the listening pleasure though.

Nicely done.

Hi Early21,

Thank you very much for these kind comments, I appreciate them very much.

In fact, I did not believe I would arrive at this result regarding the structure of the piece. The first musical ideas were the accompaniment of the chorus without melody, then it was the accompaniment of the verse, still without melody, and finally the idea of ​​an orchestral introduction with the melody of the piano. The instrumental interludes after the second chorus and the finale which is a cover of the modified intro appeared later and finally a text and a new melody arrived at the very end. I just managed to make it all make sense by modifying and removing certain musical elements.

I am a person who is never quite convinced that I am doing the right things. So your very positive comment regarding the structure of the piece dispels any doubts I may have had during the creation of this piece.

Also, thank you again for taking the time to listen to this song and write these few good words of encouragement.


Hi Mauri,

Thank you for this very generous comment and particularly concerning the vocal.

As I had already mentioned at HKO, the vocals were added at the very end. The first comment from a friend about the first mix I did before the final version was that he felt like the vocals had just been stuck on top of the accompaniment and it wasn’t very nice. So I reworked the mix so that the vocals were more integrated into it.

Your comment reassures me a lot about the quality of the voice and the balance of the mix.

Also, I did not realize before the comments made by HKO that the musical accompaniment was so extended in the stereophonic panorama. As you say, that doesn’t spoil the listening pleasure, but these are the details that I will have to worry about a little more.

Again, thank you very much for taking the time to listen to the piece.


Thanks to Dom Sigalas!

For this piece I used in the chorus of the song the vocal harmonization technique proposed in this Dom video.

I’m still quite satisfied with the result and the modern aspect that it brings to the song.

You sing amazingly. Your vocals are definitely better than many contemporary singers. I wish you creative success.


Thanks for the very warm comment. I always try to sing as accurately as possible and within the limits of my vocal abilities. Also, being creative allows me to maintain my emotional and mental balance in this sometimes disturbing and yet so wonderful world.

Yours sincerely!

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