You want to make me blind?

Dear Steinbergers…
Yes the general look on Cubase 7 is very nice, I love it. What I do NOT love though is the fact that a lot of the parameter values are shrunk to nothing in Version 7 as well as some tiny tiny tiny icon pics that I am supposed to use.
Hand on heart, Steinbergers: open the midi parameters in the inspector and change the midi response curve ratio with the 1-pixel-high arrows that go up and down. That´s what you call workflow? Or a simpler thing: Moving the fader in the inspector and checking the value. Value? You mean that 3 point font under the fader in a black field that would leave room for a font of double size?
I am an early adopter of version seven, have been very very shortsighted before but I could watch myself getting blinder every day working with Cubase. I know that a lot of the changes in Cubase have been made to help blind people work with it. But that doesn´t mean you have to make us blind as a first step… :imp:

If you have a retina display mac the problem is double the average, Fonts look pixilated, small and with low contrast, really nasty and ugly…


I also wonder why the M, S, K and R W buttons are huge in the mixer, and the printed level below the fader has such a tiny font. Space is recklessly wasted everywhere and crucial information is tiny. Really bad. I urgently need a change here.

+1 (and to all the OP’s points…!)

also numeric values of fader level and signal level beneath the fader are too small and colored with not much contrast to MC. maybe its good for 42" screens in front of user.

need more work from steiny on visuals to make clean easy to read MC interface. after 4 hours work next to MC my eyes looks like that :open_mouth: