Young person tries Dorico for the first time

So my son is an accomplished guitarist and now I’ve been teaching him composition. He wants to write a complete song so I handed him the iPad, and since I’m busy gave him about 5 minutes worth of instruction.

Previously he didn’t have a high opinion of Dorico - not because he knew anything about it, but he heard me talking about it and translated “Dorico” to be, ,well “Dorko”, to great hilarity (he thought). Well anyhow now he needs it and it was interesting to watch him progress.

He really likes that there’s a fretboard, but pretty quickly I think he switched to the piano keyboard even though he doesn’t know it very well, but didn’t present any problems. As for the interface he had no problem picking it up. The biggest trouble just being copy/paste, but I’ll get him a computer keyboard that should fix that problem.

  • He really likes the iPad version and being able to take it on the couch
  • His trouble is translating a riff into the proper rhythm, Dorico really helps him here
  • The playback is a big hit, being able to sit back and hear what he’s writing
  • It really helps organize the larger song, as he figures out his form and the ideas he’s introducing
  • The user interface otherwise was a breeze to pick up I gather
  • Playback quality (or lack thereof) not an issue


  • Scrolling is too jumpy/glitchy for him
  • Copy/Cut/Paste. Partially because he needs computer keyboard, also because adjusting to how Dorico works

But in short order he was able to figure it out and get his song written, and now is singing the praises of Dorico :grin:


This is great. As a music educator, I’m always fascinated to watch younger students try Dorico for the first time.