Your eLicenser is Hanging - I don't have any eLicenser products

I’ve been getting this error occasionally when I first open Groove Agent SE:

I click Dismiss and I can continue working as normal. Groove Agent SE works as expected.

I don’t have any eLicencer based products (as far as I know). I don’t have a USB eLicenser connected. I removed it once I upgraded to Cubase 12 and I wasn’t getting this with Cubase 12 on the same system.

MacBook Air M1
Sonoma 14.1
Cubase 13.0.10
Groove Agent SE 5.1.20

I only have Cubase 13 Pro, Groove Agent SE and Retrologue 2 and a few 3rd party instruments and effects installed. I don’t have any Steinberg libraries or expansions. I use external hardware for everything else.

I’ve just checked Steinberg Activation Manager and it loads normally for a couple of seconds then shows this screen too.

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Still getting this problem. Seems to be triggered by opening Groove Agent SE.
I don’t have any eLicenser products. Anybody else?


Could you please attach a screenshot from the eLCC application, please? And maybe even the Steinberg Activation Manager screenshot.

Hi Martin,

Here is Activation Manager

This happens when I start Groove Agent SE

This is eLCC - I don’t have the USB elicenser connected. I haven’t used it since Cubase 12

Small update:
I didn’t have eLCC installed and only installed it to take the screenshot above.
When eLCC is installed I don’t get the error.
I uninstalled eLCC using the uninstaller.
The error came back as soon as I loaded Groove Agent SE within Cubase
I reinstalled eLCC and I don’t get the error again.

So it seems Cubase 13 / Groove Agent SE is looking for an eLicenser license?

So you uninstall the eLicenser app manually? That is something you should not do.

Even if you don’t need it there might be interaction between old eLicenser and new Licensing system. This is obviously not needed in your case, but there are cases where it is needed and therefore checked.

The eLicenser app is a small application that doesn’t harm if it is there, so just leave it. The next time you launch the Download Assistant it will be reinstalled anyway.

There is, indeed, interaction between Steinberg Licensing and eLicenser unless you edit a JSON file to disable it. Steinberg staff have said how to disable this interaction in the forums, but my understanding is that it is not currently recommended unless it is the only way to stabilise a system.

The recommended and supported mode of operation at present is to leave the eLicenser Control Center installed, even if you no longer have any active eLicenser licences. In time, I am sure this will change.

I uninstalled eLCC when I removed the USB licenser after upgrading to Cubase 12 as I thought it wouldn’t be needed. I never had this problem all the time I was using Cubase 12 - it only manifested after upgrading to Cubase 13.

But yeah I’ll leave eLCC installed from now.

I’m having same issue, but it’s now locking me out of instruments which worked before and now refusing to work. I raised a ticket last week and not a peep from support. Basically they are likely to say it’s a windows PC configuration issue and to refer to the software company (Microsoft) to sort out. Bollox.

@Martin.Jirsak please help fella. I am using Win 11 64 Bit and CB13E. Paid version.

Please read the thread and make sure the issue you have really is the same as being discussed.

Yeh it’s not the same as I do have elicenser products.


What kind of products are you taking exactly, please? Do you use the USB-eLicenser or the Soft-eLicenser?

Soft, and for the record in case anyone else has the same issue. What seems to restore things is going into Activation Manager, deactivating product, then reactivating and it seems to fix the issue.


I’m glad you sorted it out.

Next time, make a new thread for a new issue, please. The name is this thread says, there is no eLicenser product, you say there is. Thank you.

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