Your Team

I was so pleased and excited when I saw the video you guys made of the team who creates Dorico. It looks to me like you have lots of hard work but also enjoy each other’s company. I would like to sit at Paul and Ulf’s feet and learn from them. Sorry Daniel…I HATE marketing…which you excel at…obviously…BUT…

Would it be possible yo create a video that includes the WHOLE team…the one in Hamburg as well. Those boys created the Sound Engine and we would LOVE to meet them as well. I know eg. ULF is in Hamburg, but I did not see his face and what they do.

Would be nice of you…

Hans, I read a lot of proza from your side. What are you trying to achieve by this?
Please stick to business.

Surely customer feedback is part of the business, especially if it’s positive and might encourage people to purchase the software. I enjoyed the video as well, very refreshing after the faceless people behind Logic Pro for example.

It’s not about the video or the team, I’m just not so interested in the excitement of Hans, nor that he HATES marketing, etc., but lets end this thread.

Let’s keep praising where praise is due. And keep negativity to a minimum.

Why would you complain about a video you don’t have to watch?

Oh sure, now that you’ve dismissed a user’s enthusiasm in a rude tone (a user who has also spent time pointing out various flaws in the software to help the team I might add), you now proclaim we “end the thread”. It doesn’t work that way. There are Steinberg employees who monitor and moderate this board. They’re big people and don’t need our help in this department. So write all you want, but expect people to do the same. We don’t have to sit on the sidelines when you, yourself, bring nothing but useless negativity to a thread.

GEEZ Guys (especially gerrie), take it easy will you!

Robert…WHAT gave you the idea that I did not enjoy watching the video. I suggest 10mg Ritalin 3 x a day.

I have always wondered what the development team looks like and where they work and have a sort of a “Behind the scenes” video. So I was very excited to watch the video they made of the London team…now I know what Paul (who answered some of my posts) look like. We ALL know Daniel (and NO, I hate marketing NOT Daniel!!!).

I tried to find Ulf because he helps me a lot with my setup and he said that they are a team that work in Hamburg. They design the Audio Engine! That is why I wondered why someone don’t make a video of the a “Behind the scenes” that introduces us to the whole team.

Is this now so terrible to talk/ask about this brilliant idea, Gerrie?
Don’t take your frustration out of me if TRUMP’s Executive ban order was halted!..or is it a Brexit thing?

Nothing rude was meant…magtag!

I believe 99.9% of users will enjoy a “Behind the Scenes” video about the greatest music software development team on Earth!

I’m sorry that I upset you all. I’m really not interested in the subject(?). If you want to continue this threat, please do.

You mean “thread”, Gerrie, don’t you ?

I’m Robert and I wasn’t referring to you Hans. I was referring to Gerrie.


Back in May of last year, out of curiosity, I asked Daniel who is on the team … see thread below.

Maybe Daniel and team can do a rap video upon the introduction of Dorico 1.0.30 …

something like “Yo! Wazzup! I am Danny S, and this is Paulie Wee! And here’s the rest of da gang!”

Or maybe not.

My apologies Robert. There was no way to tell.

Let’s all be friends and share our hearts without gall. I personally love everyone at Steinberg and users.


Now THAT’s the spirit, Peter!! :smiley: