Z on stem

I notice that in the repeat structures panel one can select a ‘Z on stem’.
I can find no reference to this anywhere on the net except for on this forum where a buzz roll is mentioned for percussion.
Since I am looking for an indeterminate rapid repeat of a note or chord on guitar, I wondered if this might be appropriate though I understand that the 3 slash stem may sometimes be used for this?
‘Z on stem’ does not seem to be explained in the online help.

Yes, buzz roll or press roll. As far as I know, it’s a snare drum thing only. I’d use the 4 stroke tremolo, which usually means unmeasured, as fast as possible.

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Yes, of course, the 4 stroke tremolo would be good for the unmeasured one. I’ll go with that.
Thanks, notesetter, for your quick reply.

Wieniawski and Penderecki used similar symbols for unmeasured tremolo, which I semantically prefer because it will never cause confusion as to when a tremolo is measured or not.
If you don’t need a buzz roll for drums, you can swap it out in the music symbols dialogue for the Penderecki version, which I find more appropriate looking for strings. That’s what I do regularly.

But be aware: although it intuitive for me, it’s a highly composer specific or regional convention not every string player might be familiar with.

Excellent - took me a little while to find and create the Penderecki unmeasured tremolo glyph U+E22B - but works really nicely. Since I don’t use buzz roll on guitar, I changed the glyph name to Unmeasured tremolo - though I will still write an explanation on my frontispiece.
Thanks to both for your help. Andy

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