Z3TA+2 - how do I get Cubase to see it?

I can see from another thread re ASIO spikes that it is possible to get Z3TA+2 to run in Cubase 8 (I have the Elements version at the moment).

Although I have got Z3TA running under Studio One, by simply adding the Cakewalk folders to the locations list, the help file for Cubase 8 says that I need to drag the .dll or .vst3 file to the relevant Cubase folder to install it. The thing is, I can’t find a .dll or .vst3 file in any of the Cakewalk folders.

So my question is simply, how do I get Cubase to run Z3TA+2?

You will probably find that you have installed Zeta 2 to a default folder. The best bet would be to re-install and specify the Cubase vst plugins folder. I hope that helps.

Thanks silhouette, I did install to the default folders.

Luckily I have found the location of the plugin locations table - there is a little cog wheel at the bottom of the plugin manager page that opens the folder location list. I just added the cakewalk folders to the list and now I’m up and running. Basically this was just a change of interface issue - I have a lot to get used to with the changes in 8.