Z87 mobo, legacy PCI, IRQ sharing


I checking out the Asus Z87-Plus motherboard, which has a couple of legacy PCI slots on board. Now back in the old days, IRQ sharing was very bad for lets say audio performance. I have an older RME HDSP 9652 I/O legacy PCI card, that I want to use, but can see in the manual, that the best (for the purpose) top legacy PCI slot is sitting right below the gfx PCIex16 slot. And I plan to use a 3D gfx card, where the cooler is sitting over, what I would call the best legacy PCI slot to use, as it share IRQ with a on board device I’m not going to use, and can disable. The bottom PCI slot shares IRQ with the Intel SATA controller. And in my eyes, it’s not so good, or?! :confused:

I mean, is IRQ sharing just as important today, as it was 10 years ago? And should audio always have it’s “own” IRQ, to get least problems, and best audio performance?