Zaria update

I just had to reinstall Sonic Atoms Zaria because the Steinberg Download Assistant showed an update for Zaria and I forgot that I had purchased directly from Sonic Atoms. When I opened Cubase I got a license warning for Zaria saying it was unregistered. So I reinstalled Zaria, i.e., replaced the VSTsound file with my original from Sonic Atoms, the files were different size and the file from SA was from 2021 while the updated one from Steinberg was 2022.
Someone from Steinberg should look into why the Download Assistant detected the SA version as the Steinberg version and fix this.
Anyway, a warning to any who have the Sonic Atoms versions, don’t install the update that shows in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

So seeing this again after fixing yesterday - I have the version from Sonic Atoms, not from Steinberg. When I installed this, then I get a message saying no license present. So I’ll be ignoring this, but someone from Steinberg should fix this, please.

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Here the same, after the Steinberg Update of Zaria i have no licence. Must looking in backup for the old file from Sonic Atoms and copy it over the vst- file from steinberg.

Looks like this just got fixed: Zaria update no longer showing up in SDA Updates.
Thanks Steinberg.

Today there was an SDA update and now it’s back… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So Zaria purchased from Steinberg requires an elicenser license but Zaria from Sonic Atmos doesn’t use a license. I purchased the Zaria one from Steinberg and would not like to use eLicenser anymore. When is it going over to Steinberg’s current activation system?

Who knows? They said they’re working on it, but have given no schedule on what and when libraries will be migrated.
If you really want to ditch the eLicenser, you might want to contact the Sonic Atoms guys and see if they’ll let you download their version with proof of your Steinberg Zaria purchase.

I tried contacting them and they didn’t offer to give a replacement version that they carry. I think this is due to hosting costs on their end. It would have been a nice solution but I guess I have to wait for Steinberg to get it moved over on their system. It’s a bit frustrating though why it can’t be moved faster. Thanks for trying to help, SF_Green.

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Bump on requesting Steinberg to have Zaria put on Steinberg’s Activation system soon. Thank you.

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Any update regarding the Steinberg version of Zaria that relies on licensing? Can this get moved over to the Steinberg new licensing system that doesn’t rely on eLicenser? Thank you.

Hoping Steinberg reads this as Zaria still isn’t on the new licensing system.

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Bump… Any news Steinberg?

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Have you checked for a coupon or gift in the MY STEINBERG . i bought Zaria a month or so ago and it was already on the SAM

I’ve checked, but I’m also talking about the version direct from Sonic Atom. They are different versions, at least as far as the licensing goes. The update is for the Steinberg version and not the Sonic Atom version, but it shows an update is available even if you have the SA version, and that’s where the problem is. If you apply the update from the DM to the SA version, it will show up as unlicensed and you will have to uninstall it and reinstall just the SA version.

Or will the files be the same ? couldn’t you have two versions installed in that case ? or if you install the SA version will it overwrite the older version ?

Thank you so much! This did indeed show up under voucher. I assumed it would just list on Steinberg Activation Manager when it was available but I needed to go to MySteinberg first to see it. This must have been added recently. I wish Steinberg announced this when they made it available! Now, I can actually use Zaria without eLicenser and put the dongle to rest.

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