Zaria update

I just had to reinstall Sonic Atoms Zaria because the Steinberg Download Assistant showed an update for Zaria and I forgot that I had purchased directly from Sonic Atoms. When I opened Cubase I got a license warning for Zaria saying it was unregistered. So I reinstalled Zaria, i.e., replaced the VSTsound file with my original from Sonic Atoms, the files were different size and the file from SA was from 2021 while the updated one from Steinberg was 2022.
Someone from Steinberg should look into why the Download Assistant detected the SA version as the Steinberg version and fix this.
Anyway, a warning to any who have the Sonic Atoms versions, don’t install the update that shows in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

So seeing this again after fixing yesterday - I have the version from Sonic Atoms, not from Steinberg. When I installed this, then I get a message saying no license present. So I’ll be ignoring this, but someone from Steinberg should fix this, please.

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Here the same, after the Steinberg Update of Zaria i have no licence. Must looking in backup for the old file from Sonic Atoms and copy it over the vst- file from steinberg.