Zäsur nur in einem System

Wie kann ich erreichen, dass eine Zäsur nicht über alle Systeme geht?

I would suggest creating a custom playing technique using the caesura glyph. It’ll look like a caesura, but it’ll be placed only on the staves you choose.

what do you mean by custom playing technique?

Custom playing techniques (steinberg.help)

Ok. I made myself accustomed to the custom playing techniques, but I can’t find the caesura glyph in there…

They are in the Holds and Pauses section of the monstrous list of Smufl categories (near the bottom of the first column)

So now I’ve got it. Thanks. But there is still one problem: The „caesura“ line appears over the note. I would like to have it before the note and a bit deeper. I put the line into the left corner in the editor but it has no effect.

There’s no other solution than manually adjusting it.

The alternative is to replace one of the Breath Marks you’re not using in this project in the Music Symbols Editor. It’ll position correctly for a breath mark, e.g. attached to the next note rather than the previous (or vice-versa - I can’t remember which behaves which way off-hand).

Breath marks attach to the previous note, a pre-determined distance from the next note (which you can set in Engraving Options).

Thanks, panoleo for your help.

I could solve the problem now.


THanks Dan,

I could solve the problem now.