Zawinul (Keyboards ?)

Hi folks,

Can anyone work out which two keyboards Joe Zawinul is using here in this You Tube video please ?? Its the two synths sitting on top of his Rhodes Piano.

The middle one is definatley connected to a Modular Rack on his left hand side. But i have no idea what make/model the keyboard is (or the one at the top) ?? They may well both be connected to the Modular Rack and have no internal sounds on, but i am not sure.



Zawinul’s main synths at that time were the ARP 2600 and the Oberheim 4-voice. One of those keyboards is undoubtedly triggering the ARP. The Oberheim however was a single unit with keyboard and control panel in one… unless Joe had it rigged to be operated from a separate keyboard somehow

Thanks man.

A couple of people have said that Joe used TWO Aro 2600’s (so 2 x keyboard and 2 x module !!).

In slightly later concerts yes he used the Oberheim which was a single unit as you correctly say.

Yeah, that possibility had not occurred to me, but I think you’re right – those are two identical keyboards triggering separate 2600’s… which of course were NOT multi-timbral :laughing:

i think that right also.

He often has each keyboard set to a different Waveshape (eg. one with a Square and one with a Saw). Then he alternates between the two keyboards.

Yes, agreed.

Great concert, BTW! :sunglasses:

Yeh man, its total quality !! Just a shame the concert is not longer. It seems that they must have only played a 1 x 45 mins set here.

This longer, I saw this band in London at the time, great stuff,

Thanks a lot, i have the CD of Offenbach so i look forward to watching the concert. Its good that they have been able to fit such a long video on You Tube.