Zen 2 Ryzen memory selection for Cubase

Hi there

I am building a system and am almost there but am having trouble with the correct memory.
I have a B550 gaming carbon and a Zen 2 Ryzen 3900XT. I am most interested in getting the best performance I can for running Cubase 11 so ASIO is very important.

I am going to go with 4*8gb sticks of DDR4 ram and would like to run it at 3733Mhz as this puts the memory on a perfect 1:1 ratio with the internal Infinity Fabric bus.

First of all I am wondering where my trade off lies. I’m guessing that buying 3733 RAM with really high CAS latency won’t be as good as 3600 with a much lower CL value? Is that the case or am I best making sure I get the 3733 regardless of latency?

Secondly am I just as well getting 3600 RAM and overclocking it to 3733 as I would be getting actual 3733 rated RAM?
Thanks kindly

Actually looking again I think the infinity fabric bus on the 3900XT is actually 3800MHz, not 3733 like on the 3900X

Same questions though