Zen Go, Cubase meters freezing at 0, no audio, Macbook M1


So I just recently purchased the Zen Go from Antelope Audio.
When I’m selecting this as my interface, there is no audio, and the mixer meters stop indicating any signals. No midi-movement. Nothing.
It’s like Cubase stops responding. But it returns to normal when switching back to my other interface.
The only sign of life at this stage is that the “play bar” (the vertical line that shows where on the timeline were playing from) moves.
(Yes, the outputs are set to this interface.)

When playing audio from various other sources, like Spotify, the signal comes through and I can see, on the interfaces’ control panel, that it gets input signals. Which also comes out from the speakers.
Nothing shows from Cubase.

It seems like it has to do with the communication between the two ?
Might it be the compatibility between Zen Go + Cubase 10 + MacBook Pro M1?

I’ve been in contact with the Antelope team without any results so far.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

As far as I know, Cubase 10 is not M1 compatible.

Thank you! :slight_smile:
It works fine with my other interface on the M1, but not with the Zen Go.

Update: I purchased Cubase 11 now - because why not? :slight_smile: The problem remains however.

re-install the driver?

Thanks, it has been done.
I’ve sent the Cubase support team a message too. Hope they’ll be able to help.