Zero Downtime Code not working!!!!


I just requested a zero downtime code for a dongle that I lost. I followed the directions and used the code that they gave but my software is still not activated. I used the eLisencer and put the code in and it says that it was done successfully but there is no evidence of Cubase 9.5 in my products any longer. And it is still not activated. Please help to resolve this issue.

What happens when you try to run Cubase? Does it run?

Assuming you have the latest version of the ELC, run maintenance.

If that doesn’t work, a screenshot of your elicenser control center, please. (But obfuscate personal details. )

Hello, Thank you for responding. I did the maintenance and I am still unable to open Cubase successfully. The activation screen appears when I try to run Cubase. If I choose start cubase 9, It opens but somethings aren’t available that are available in my regular version. Also, Cubase does not show in registered products anymore nor is it activated.

This is normal. the license you currently have is the zero down time License Which is the same as the 25 hour license that comes on new Cubase retail box USB keys. I think there are more steps to the process, also. if you could check it out in the knowledge base that would be great. I’m not at my computer right now, I’ll give that stuff to read later or tomorrow.

Your best bet though is to open a ticket at Steinberg support or add to the ticket that you opened to get the zero down time license.

Also, keep in mind that zero downtime license is just for Steinberg products.

Okay…thanks. I have opened a ticket as well.

Here’s the bit I was talking about, from:

I did receieve the activation code and used it in the eLicenser activation center. I received the email to submit the form for my replacement license. I filled it out and sent it back. Even after that I am still unable to access cubase.

Since you said you were able to run Cubase 9, I’m not quite understanding what’s going on.

Please launch Elicenser Control Center and then post a screenshot of the entire window.

The support mail has been processed this early morning, please follow up if any issue arises.
I deleted the attachment including the eLicenser serial numbers (please always make sure to hide / blur / delete at least the second part of the serial number when posting on public forums)

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I went back and read the directions again and it looks like it is working. My apologies…I didn’t get to use the downtime code too long because I heard back from steinberg this morning and they have given me my replacent activation code. Thank you for your help…