Zero Gravity and Padshop Pro patches gone

Hello, after I’ve installed Cubase 10.5, my Zero Gravity and Padshop Pro patches are missing. Maybe the Padshop Pro patches are now a part of the standard library of Padshop 2, but how can I identify them now? And where are the Zero Gravity patches and it’s wave sources? I’ve been used to find my patches within a proper structure. Padshop, Padshop Pro, Zero Gravity and Padshop 2 it should be now. Please fix this. It was the first thing, I’ve have tested and unfortunately got disappointed. Thanks.

Hi - I just checked and if I use the right-side panel “VST Instruments” and click on “Padshop”, I see 5 libraries: “Granular Guitars”, “MPE Padshop”, “Padshop 2”, “Padshop Factory Content” and “Zero Gravity”. If I click on “Zero Gravity” I can see all of the Zero Gravity presets. Is this not working this way for you?

Hello, this way I see only MPE Padshop, Padshop 2 and Padshop Factory Content.
I don’t have Granular Guitars yet, and I’m afraid to buy anything else from Steinberg right now. You buy and get blacklisted.

I’d definitely suggest opening a case with Support. They have been very helpful with issues I have had in the past.

Hi vlne,

You are right. The Padshop Pro Content is now part of the Factory Content. What exactly do you need to identify here?

Please uninstall Zero Gravity via the Contol Panel. Redownload Zero Gravity from the Steinberg Download Assistant (Absolute 4 Collection). Then reinstall Zero Gravity and make sure to install everything for all users. There is a little checkbox to tick in the installation dialog of Zero Gravity. That should fix the problem.


Please install then new Zero Gravity which can be downloaded via the Steinberg Download Assistant under “VST Instruments and Plug-ins”