Zero latency device reccomendation?

I have a zoom h4n and it works with cubase 6, but the ASIO drivers don’t work with cubase 6. I choose the zoom h4n as asio, but cubase wont output sound when I use that driver. Even though I try to monitor directly from the device… so wierd.

So i have to use a different asio driver and use the zoom h4n device, and then output thru the speakers. However, this method makes it really delayed because of high latency.

So because I can’t use the correct ASIO for some reason. I am wondering what device is reccomended for zero latency recording. I only need to plug in one instrument or microphone at a time. So I don’t need a device with like 6 inputs and 10 outputs…

Thanks for any help guys!

I seem to remember something in the old forum about problems with the Zoom H4N and Cubase and Windows 7 and the Zoom drivers .
However I can’t remember the outcome , but I think someone found a workaround , maybe with an XP driver or something .
( I don’t know how to access the old forum , but it was Aug/Sept 2010 . )
Which different ASIO driver have you tried ? ASIO4ALL ?

Found it !

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Hey davefry. thanks for the reference.

The current ASIO that works is something like “ASIO FULL DUPLEX”… I will be trying to change or maybe even update my asio drivers from the zoom later today…

any tips on lowering latency in general aside from drivers?

Just to clarify, many interfaces provide “zero latency monitoring” which just feeds the source directly to the output in the hardware. The latency is still there (though much lower than you are experiencing with the Zoom) but you are bypassing it.

Recommendations for an interface would depend on your budget & whether you want USB, Firewire or internal PCI card.


I use my H4n with Cubase 6 32 bit, one installation on Windows 7 64 bit and one installation on Windows 7 32 bit. The Zoom works perfectly with both - using the most recent Zoom 64 bit driver on Windows 7 64 bit and Zoom 32 bit driver on Windows 7 32 bit.

When you say you can’t hear the sound output - using the Zoom ASIO driver will by default (as I recall) use the Zoom as the output device (either the built-in speaker or if you use the headphone output, you can get a good quality output signal through this). Have you checked the output busses in Cubase to see where you are routing the outputs?

I’m using the up to date drivers and firmware, but I had no issues with earlier software or firmware.


I would prefer the closest to zero latency device. Lets just exclude the budget for now. Also, if there are any firewire that are just as good as internal card, please point me in that direction, too.

I am going to try to use the zoom asio again, but I doubt it will work. I tried it many times last night. And yes, I have routed the outputs correctly and chosen the zoom as input and output and I tried to put my speakers or headphones into the zoom so I can hear… again, there was no sound. :frowning:

You should take a look at RME interfaces for their stable drivers/low latency.


And their ‘scalability.’ You can buy one and add more later if needed, running them all through the PatchMix virtual mixer software.

IMO the PCIe MultiFace II is an excellent starting point if you don’t need mic pres.

Despite its promise, Firewire issues seem to never go away. RME and others have started putting out USB 2.0 interfaces, something they did not do originally.

For me PCI/ PCIe is the only ‘rock solid’ way to go. You can also get PCMCIA cardbuss solutions if you want portability.

I am intrigued by the coming Thunderbolt, however.


+2 for RME :slight_smile:

They are great interfaces!