zero latency monitoring with effects

I’m looking for a way monitor input audio during recording with effects.

something like this:

Follow the instructions in the other thread you posted this question in.

Unfortunately, Cubase does not have a feature equivalent to what Studio One calls zero latency monitoring. AFAIK, only Logic and Studio One have this feature. It is a game changer for getting the most out of your cpu while keeping latency low when recording.

There is ASIO-Guard, what the video shows is setting the buffer size to 32 samples reduces the latency, no surprise there.
Adding additional playback buffers to other tracks is what I get from the video.
Maybe their version of ASIO-GUARD is better, can’t say.

Oops Rhino posted while I was writing…

Studio One does have a feature similar to asio guard, but zero latency monitoring is something different, although the two features are often used together. Zero Latency Monitoring is an adaptive buffer size for the track that is being monitored. It was a brilliant idea when it was added to Logic a few years ago and Presonus added a couple of useful twists to their version. It greatly increases the amount of cpu power you have available while keeping latency low for recording.