Zero sound - confused in/out settings

Hello Cubase users
I upgraded to Cubase Pro six months ago. It was working fine with my UR44 in my office in town. But thanks to COVID-19, I am now working from home and can’t get any sound at all from my inbuilt soundcards (1) ASIO4ALL and (2) Generic.
I know that “Cubase not working” isn’t much of a basis for seeking help, but I wonder if anyone can give me any ideas.
The first thing I notice is that the text of the audio in and out has become an illegible mush. I’ve never seen this before.
The second thing I notice is that the audio seems to be trying to play thru something called ENV-1525 Hands-Free AG Audio. I’ve never seen this before either.
Has anyone got any ideas?
Thanks for any help.