Zones Prob/Update

Hiya I love the Zones, or did for about 10 mins but when it leaves the last thing you edited up it feels totally unsafe.
So I am having to keep closing it and it’s driving me mad.
The Popout window leaves the edit window still in the zone which is annoying, this would be better turned off until the window was redocked.
When selecting empty space or pressing esc whilst in audio or midi edit, the zone should vanish or default back to mixer.
On the zone we need to be able to turn items on and off, so if we have another mixer window on another monitor we don’t also have it in the zone, so like as before it pops out and stays out of the zone, almost like it has been turned off when popped out.

I love the zone idea though, but would prefer it to popup when i double click or press enter on an event, then vanish when I press esc, as if it was the popup window but all nice and tidy in the zone.

Could we have automation lanes editable in the zone too? This would allow the project to be mostly zoomed out with a better more confined and editable way in the zone.
Maybe later too have the a tracks inserts and sends show left to right all open for better editing, because adjusting one and seeing instantly the effect on others can be a great way to keep things clean and correct when producing.

I’d suggest bigger widows than the zone could show zoom/enlarge when move hovered over.
You’d need to make a new little zoom/enlarge window which when hovered over loaded int he plugin and enlarged/zoomed. All for one and one for all. :slight_smile: