Zoom and direct monitoring on UR44C

I have a mic and a DI from my guitar amp connected to the UR44C and I want to connect it to Zoom. I prefer to do it without headphones. Is this not possible? I can’t figure out how to turn off direct monitoring for the mic which means feedback from the speakers.

I suggest to start here:

Yes, I’ve watched this. But it still doesn’t solve the direct monitoring issue. Even the cheapest Focusrite can turn off direct monitoring. Even when using cans, I hear myself and my guitar.

… and so can your ur44C. Please check the user manual.

I’ve read it cover to cover and didn’t find it. Please explain

I have one possible solution though it’s a bit of a kludge. I connected the monitors to output 3-4 and soloed the DAW input for Mix 2. This works with Logic, but some apps don’t support selecting outputs other than 1-2.
Haven’t had a chance to test it using video conferencing and loopback yet