Zoom B3 + Cubase LE 7 Setup Help

I’ll explain my situation as clearly as I possibly can (so sorry in advance if it’s a long post) and you can assume that anything not mentioned in this explanation is news to me. All i’m trying to do is record and play-back a bass guitar in Cubase LE 7 via a Zoom B3 Unit.

I’ve connected my bass to the Zoom B3, which is connected via USB to my computer. The B3 is also connected to a bass amp, so there are a total of four cords physically connected to the B3 (the power adapter, the bass, the computer and the amp). The computer that I’m using is a standard tower, with a computer monitor and a secondary TV monitor connected as a dual-monitor setup. The speakers which i’m using for the computer are those that are built-in to the TV monitor, which i’m sure is a contributing factor to this situation.

I followed the instructions included with the B3 which told me to download the specific ASIO driver for the B3, before installing that. I then connected the B3 to the computer, allowed the automatically-installing drivers to do so, and then opened Cubase. I opened up the Classic Rock production template so that I would have the drum track to test my audio playback with, though the audio initially did not play back at all. I then followed the instructions telling me to open the ‘Device Setup’ window and selected the specific audio driver I installed from Zoom. Next I went to the ‘VST Connections’ window and attempted to set up the output and input busses (in that order) to use the Zoom driver, but when I try to do so the ‘Device Port’ list simply says ‘Not Connected’ next to the respective busses.

That’s as far as the instructions from Zoom got me, they have no troubleshooting ideas or anything, and simply assume that when I try to use the Zoom option as the audio device for these busses that it will allow me to do so.

I then checked the quick-start guide, to no avail, then the setup manual, to no avail, then the forums (including the troubleshooting sticky), to no avail. I attempted at one point to use the ‘Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver’, which actually resulted in me being able to select the low latency driver as the audio device for the input and output busses without getting the ‘Not Connected’ message in the ‘Device Port’ column. This then allowed me to actually hear the audio playback of the drum track. I’m sorry for the inconsistency, but at this point I started messing around trying to get anything else to work, and somehow made it so that even with the low latency driver as the selected audio device for all busses, I’m not getting any playback through my speakers from Cubase at all any more. I’ve since gone back to using the specific Zoom driver, but i’m still unable to select the driver as the audio device for any bus and always get the ‘Not Connected’ message in the ‘Device Port’ column. Needless to say i’m still getting zero playback and can’t record any bass.

I would seriously appreciate any help, and I realise that i’m new to this and don’t understand a lot of it, so please try not to use terms that a novice to audio recording software in general would not understand. If it’s a matter of me being ridiculously stupid and not realising something that seems basic, please keep in mind that i’m not trying to waste anyone’s time, and I tried all the manuals I could, so you don’t have to make a snarky, back-handed post. If any screenshots would help, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Bumping since I went out of town for a week and couldn’t do so before.

Still haven’t made any progress, any help would be much appreciated.

Still no progress, would appreciate any help at all.

Your VST Connections should look something like this (the name of the driver may be slightly different):

The B3 must be connected to the computer via the USB cable. I’m not familiar with the B3 but other Zoom devices that have a secondary function as a USB audio interface require you to select a configuration at power-up. If it’s saying “Not connected” under Device Port then that’s exactly what that means … perhaps you have either a faulty USB cable or a faulty USB port.

I have the same problem but with Cubase le 8

The problem is this:

In the picture above You have Zoom H series ASIO.

The B3 has G series.

In the audio device slot where yours says Zoom H series, mine says NOT SELECTED. It gives a drop down menu which G series is in, but cannot be selected.

(this is after proper set-up in Devices VST panel. The proper driver is there and installed but it cannot be selected.

Does anyone at Zoom or Stienberg have a fix for this?