Zoom B3 Effects Won't Work


I have a Zoom B3 multi-effects pedal that is supposed to work with any DAW according to their website. It has a USB connection, and I can use it in Reaper with a little tweaking, but I can’t get it to work with any audio driver combination in Cubase. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it has its own USB ASIO driver (Like the UR22 has) so I have been trying to find a driver combination, but to no avail. I asked a guy at my local music store and he said I will have to manually configure an input bus to get it to work, but I have no idea what he is talking about.

Can somebody clarify, of get me a link to some documentation so I can get this working?

Cubase 8 Artist on Windows 7.


Hi there

I had a look on the zoom site and it looks like there is an ASIO driver for the B3. Failing that you could try the Asio4all driver which works with just about everything.

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WOW, thanks Dave … I have done 20 Google searches for that driver … it is the G3 driver for the guitar unit, but turns out it also works with the B3 for bass … go figure. Yeah the ASIO4ALL driver works on just about everything, except the B3. :frowning: That is why this hunt has been so frustrating. Thanks again!