Zoom exclusive track/Zoom selected track does not zoom back to original size!

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Just a question about a function I recall working fine in older versions of Cubase, the zoom selected track/zoom exclusive,

When I zoom in to a track, using zoom selected track/zoom track exclusive, all the other tracks also becomes a little bit bigger and the track I zoomed into also has the same size as the other tracks.

Here is a link to a YT video showing the issue:
Cubase 12 Zoom issue - YouTube

I don’t recall this being an issue it older versions of Cubase I’ve used long tim e ago. I remember being able to have one size track and then zoom in and when you zoom out again it goes to the previous track size, before I zoomed in. At least that’s what Logic does which makes sense to me.

Is this a bug?

Thanks in advance!

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I have changed your permissions. Now you should be able to upload the video, please

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Go to menu Edit → Enlarge Selected Track
I have assigned key command Z to this function.

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Yes, that works :slight_smile:

Thank you!

This looks a bit buggy indeed.
Thanks for posting it !

I am pretty sure I used to use “Zoom Selected Track”, but I night be wrong.

Using “Enlarge Selected Track” works.

So all good for now :slight_smile: